Jennifer Avery is a Professor of English and writer. She enjoys body building, yoga, esoteric rituals, gaming, dragon riding, and raising strong girls. She lives on Lake Wyola with her husband, daughters, two cats, and a dog.

I am the Crone

Hekate, Cerridwen, Ereshkigal, Kali, Lara, Morrigan

I am the final iteration of the Triple Goddess archetype. My wisdom resides in things Dark. Mistress of mystery and key-holder of ancient sacred magick, I complete every circle because I am the fulfiller of cycles. I stand in the light of the waning moon, sure of my footing as artifacts crumble around me, for I understand the nature of decay and rebirth: these are my heart. I am the great recycler and know how to use shards of essence and experience to help move humanity forward, because the darkness offers tools, although their esoteric and unknown elements may seem scary.

In the darkness there is freedom. When we sit down in fear we learn those monsters and turn them to friends. To learn our darkness is to be able to stand fully in the light. With me, the Dark Prophetess as your guide, you learn that the labyrinth has no center and — as terrifying as that may seem at first — it continues into a collective unconscious that can hold you. The downward spiral leads again to the surface and beyond, but you are changed. To fully comprehend life, you must fathom its endings. To journey with me is to move into balance.