Have you heard?

Now you can loop into the Eerst Constellations!

Welcome to Planet Eerst, a monthly newsletter with insider details about the writing of The Book of Eerst, a nine-book series by me, Elan Avery. Every writer needs readers, so feel free to support my writing on Patreon if you like what you see each month!

I discovered Patreon this week and I feel excited to use this platform to get out my material. During this pandemic I have struggled to find the time for writing, as I am teaching at several colleges and also homeschooling my daughter. I feel inspired by the other creative artists that I see making their dreams come true!

I am so happy to announce the launching of my newsletter, Planet Eerst! Putting any creative work out into the world is exciting, and that is how I feel! This newsletter will provide monthly updates about the writing of the series, reflections on the writing process, and pieces of the story, such as characters arcs, background stories, excerpts, developments, maps, and more!

Get the rundown of what The Book of Eerst is about here. This first newsletter is just a “hello” to the community and warm welcome. I am looking forward to sharing with you!

Elan Avery is the author of The Book of Eerst series. Learn more at elanavery.com

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