I am a few months late here with this announcement, but I had the poem “I am Now Binge Eating” published in Rogue Agent‘s issue 65.

The poem articulates the feelings of overeating and the sensations of food addiction. I wrote it to try to encapsulate these emotions while bingeing.

You can find the poem here: http://www.rogueagentjournal.com/javery

Today’s shameful experience
distended, halved and still
gourmandized. I am the woe
eater in throes. Throne,
trashed and crumbling around
a living carcass caught in a knuckle
of afterlife. I go on eating. I am
bringing this shovel to the temple,
its infamous sigil inscribed on eager
crevice cornering, the simper,
the wink of opulence
waning only to flicker
open again to eat
these seeds. Seething
almost, but held back at a corridor of hole,
that is so full but vacant.

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