“The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.”

Margaret Adler, Drawing down the moon

One reason that I blog is to keep good order of what I learn on my journey of self discovery, which sounds a bit strange coming from a woman of middling years. But, since I only yesterday had a parasitic curse removed from my lineage by a shaman — the parasite was so mingled with me that distinguishing one from the other was impossible — I figured now is a good time to get to know myself in a deeper way. I know, right?! Those ancient parasitic curses can be doozies.

Apparently, I will feel myself lifted up out of the veil in coming months. That is exciting stuff. I always was a witch, but never stepped into that power until recently. I am sure that is the story of many women. Discovering what kind of witch I am and my proclivities is going to be a journey; but everything really is a journey.

Magic will be discovered, confidence built, talents honed — and all documented. Exciting times.

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