Jennifer Avery, Ph.D.

Holistic Wellness Practitioner.
Doctor of Philosophy in Literatures.
Mother. Writer. Professor. Crone.

A Body is a Journey

Intellectual. Physical. Emotional. Spiritual. Astral. Celestial. Racial. Etheric.

A human has many bodies. We need space to explore and express each of them to achieve balance. Each of the bodies within an individual needs an outlet for expression. I offer clients and students creative expressions of the many bodies of human experience.

Holistic Wellness Offerings

I offer holistic wellness classes in restorative, hatha, and vinyasa yoga styles, cardio strength training sessions, and dance and step aerobics.

Academic Life

Academic Teaching

Curriculum Vitae. Videos. Philosophy.

Academic Writing

Books. Essays. Conferences.

Creative Writing

The Book of Eerst
A Novel in Nine Volumes

The Parchate Era is about to end as Eerst experiences its third Pull: a catastrophic energetic event that shifts the magnetism on the planet. With each Pull Eerst has fallen deeper under shadow. Starleng and her birdlike Severance seek to fade out the light and claim Eerst as their own, with the help of their converts. As the new age births a fresh Sever, champions of the light must fight for balance. Legendary powers and heroes return from ages past — the Bringers, Cziezen warriors, manifestations of the Triple Goddess and the Redeemer, Dreamwalkers, Dragonfae — to form the Circle of Nine to stand in the light against the darkness.

Poetry, Musings, and Reviews